I’m a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where I studied English and American Studies with an enthusiasm for contemporary history and a focus on modern literature, media, and digital culture. In the past, I’ve worked a variety of interesting jobs–interning for a hyperlocal new media newsroom, co-hosting a radio show, copy editing millions of words, and once, clumsily, waiting tables at a golf course.

These days I work as the Social Media Editor for Literally, Darling (a blog written by and for Millennial women) and as an editorial assistant for Hippo Reads (a media startup that pairs academic experts with industry leaders to create well-researched collaborative articles). In my spare time, you can find me writing freelance pieces or in the kitchen testing new recipes.

Why “Footnotes”? For me, a blog is a place to test ideas, float them online. A footnote also interrupts your reading, snaps you out of the moment and into tiny tangents at the bottom of a page–kind of like the way a distracting thought can dance at the edge of your awareness until you give in and jot it down. But it’s more important than just a scrawled note to self–it’s something explanatory, context-giving, deepening your relationship with the text. Like most bloggers, I don’t post regularly, but I do update my clips whenever there’s something new to share.

Currently reading: Between The World And Me + the most recent issue of the Columbia Journalism Review

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